Sinansengwe Community

Sinansengwe ward is next to Chizarira National Park which is the fourth largest national park in Zimbabwe.
Chief Sinansengwe and Councillor Elmon Mudenda have created the Mucheni conservancy so the community can  benefit from thier 
Natural resources and to learn the value of protecting them , they have implemented an antipoaching team to make sure that the laws inplace are inforced.
Tokoloshe Safaris is surporting them as much as we can, in sponsoring uniforms and all gear to make all thier efforts possible.
Elmon will be starting conservation clubs for the children so they can learn about thier flora and fona.
Tokoloshe Safaris will be surporting this programme as soon as Elmon starts these clubs next year and hope to get the sylabus from Alert .

Sinansengwe falls under the CAMPFIRE  program {communal areas management of indigenous resources}
campfire was started so communities could benefit from thier natural resources such as they benefit from the trophy fees which pays for clinics ,schools,roads etc and as well as they get all the meat and by doing this it helps to see the value of an animal.
Chief Sinansengwe and Councillor Mudenda installed a pipe line and reservoir with a solar water pump at the closet spring and pumps water over 20kms away everyday to insure cattle and people don`t spoil the natural spring and keep it  in its natural state . 
Below  is Elmon`s facebook page .